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Business Video Services

Acclaimed Video offers a variety of business, corporate and commercial video services for your sales, promotion, Internet, website, training, educational, and event needs.

We use professional-grade cameras and lighting and can videotape at your location in standard or high definition (“HD”). Blue screen background is available in our studio. With over two decades of experience, Acclaimed Video has the expertise to design, script, shoot, edit and finish your project to your satisfaction.

View our Production Guide learn what is involved in producing a video. Or, simply contact us. Your initial consultation is free.

Using video is a great way to save time and money and make more money in your business. For example, a sales video is much less expensive than making in-person sales calls. With video your company can consistently educate staff and customers about your products, services and procedures. You can dramatically show how your products and services benefit the end user. Training video educates your staff, frees up staff for other important duties and delivers consistent content.

Every business can benefit from video on their website. It is available constantly, dramatically increases website viewership and its small cost provides a tremendous return on your investment. Testimonials of customers satisfied with your products or services can be done most convincingly with video.

Use our Project Estimate Worksheet to help us determine the scope of your project.

Our Services

  • Information, training, and recruitment video. Video educates, informs and trains many times more effectively than simply hearing or reading. Training videos save time and money, make your training more consistent, accurate, flexible and versatile because video can be shown when a live trainer is not available. Video can train your sales people, maintenance people, other staff, and your dealers how to assemble, use and maintain your products. Video can inform potential customers and potential employees about why your company’s products and services are best for them. Training videos can train your staff and visitors in safety procedures and may reduce liability insurance costs and legal fees. Video is an excellent way to document insurance and legal issues, and to document your company’s history.
  • Product Demonstration Video. Video quickly and effectively demonstrates your product or service with emotion, action and consistency. It is easy and affordable to demonstrate with video. You don’t need a showroom or salesperson. It can be standardized so that the demonstration is correct, safe and consistent. Demo videos can be put on your website to view when your business is not open, or on DVDs for mailing to potential customers. View our demo video.
  • Sales & Promotional Video. Video is an effective way to emotionally and powerfully promote and sell your products or services. Sales and promotional video can be used in sales presentations, trade shows and on your website. You can highlight your products or services on flat-panel screens in your lobby or waiting area. Acclaimed Video can duplicate sales DVDs for targeted mailings.
  • Industrial Video. Video is an excellent way to communicate your manufacturing processes, maintenance and training procedures for you and your customers. Video is useful is for investor relations, recognition and awards, messages from management, quarterly stockholder information, company news, product updates, new employee orientation and safety, security and emergency procedures.
  • Business Events. Video documents important milestones in your company, such as open houses, grand openings, press conferences, promotions, acquisitions, holiday events, retirement ceremonies, sponsorships, sales meetings, golf outings, and community involvement.
  • Website video. View our website video information.
  • Seminars and Workshops. Video effectively captures the content of your seminars and workshops for those who cannot attend, to be used for review by attendees, to document the event and to give to the speakers. Video can also be used to project the event live onto big screen monitors and to overflow rooms.
  • Testimonials, Public Relations and News Releases. Word of mouth is very effective advertising. Video testimonials allow your satisfied customers to encourage your potential customers to chose your business over your competitors. Companies are increasingly using video for public relations. Whether these are testimonials from satisfied customers, or well-produced informational pieces, video tells your story better than any other media. Your video can also be posted not only to your website to online video sites such as to reach more viewers.
  • Documentation. Video quickly documents company records and artifacts, property, buildings, equipment, new processes, new products, additions to your company, etc. Video is used to document situations, events, accidents, etc, for insurance and legal purposes.
  • Real Estate Video. Video can show an overview of your development and nearby amenities and services. It can show both the interior and exterior of buildings. It can educate current and potential investors and prospective clients.
  • Health Care and Medical Video. Video educates and orients patients and staff. Video is used in staff training, physical therapy and exercise training, physician and nurse recruitment, continuing education, PR and news releases and documentation of procedures.
  • Aerial Video. Acclaimed Video is experienced producing aerial video from airplanes, helicopters, and balloon. If your project could benefit from unique aerial views for marketing, construction or promotional use, contact us.

Use our Project Estimate Worksheet to help us determine the scope your project.

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