Production Guide

Because many clients aren’t familiar with video production we’ve summarized some of the key steps in the process. These steps fall in to three overall phases:

  1. Pre-production: research, planning, and coordination of the project; scouting locations, scheduling people and equipment, and script writing
  2. Production: the actual videotaping; recording of sounds and images, recording narration & music, development of graphics
  3. Post-production: includes all editing, audio mixing, titles, electronic special effects, and graphics that go into making a video master-ready for duplication

Before beginning the project, it is helpful to have one person in your organization serve as the “Yes/No Person.”  This individual will have authority for final approval of each step in the process, related to content. If the project will involve any specialized content, we ask that you designate one person as a “Technical Advisor”, responsible for any special information.

PRE-PRODUCTION PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE/BID: After one or two meetings with a client we can provide a preliminary budget estimate. As soon as the details of the project are determined (locations, shooting days, talent, etc.) we will present a bid. For complex productions, the final budget may not be written until the script is complete. The contingency figure in the budget reflects the fact that video production is a complex process that is subject to delays and problems that cannot be foreseen.

SCRIPT WRITING: A script for a video production is indispensable. Script writing is different than other forms of writing. Here, the visuals carry the message, not the words. The script will serve as a plan for the actual production work. When developing a script, there are several stages to the process: research, outline, a rough script for your approval, and the final script with all of your changes approved.

PRODUCTION SHOOTING: We will work with you to set up a production schedule which specifies taping times, locations, and talent. Good quality productions take time and often a scene will be shot from several angles. Patience provides you with a good looking product in the end.

POST-PRODUCTION: Your footage is logged, decisions are made about which scenes work best, and then they are all placed in proper order. Graphics, titles, effects, music and voice-overs will be added as required. The “Final Edition” of your project will be output to DVD (Digital Video Disk) unless another format is requested. On larger projects, (after all the components are completed with our Custom Editing) a “First Cut” is done for customer review and then any changes needed are added. The “Final Edition” is output to DVD or other media as specified.

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