Video Transfers

Transfer your film to DVD With the quality of today’s digital technology, now is the best time for transferring VHS tapes and film to DVD’s!

VHS Tape Transfer

Do you have a shelf full of VHS tapes and no way to show them? Acclaimed Video can put these on DVD’s that can last a lifetime, and take up much less space. No need to mail out your valuable tapes, just contact us and arrange to bring them in to have them transferred to an affordable DVD. Contact us for a price for 1 or dozens of VHS tapes to DVD.

Film Transfer

As film ages it becomes brittle, it can get lost or damaged, and then copies cannot be made from your film for other family members. We transfer 8mm and Super 8mm. We also create photo montages from your photos, slides and film.

Our Process: We provide the highest quality transfer of your precious memories with state-of-the-art equipment. Synchronizing the frame rates of film is also important to getting a good transfer. Commonly, after film is transferred to video the image from the video will cause the TV picture to “flicker.” Our process provides “film to video synchronization” for reduced flicker.

The image is collected from the projector through the lens of a professional 3 chip digital camera with 530 lines of TV resolution. Then the camera output is fed through a firewire cable directly into our editing system computer with no loss of quality. A custom title is produced and some basic editing will be done to clean up the movie. In basic editing the beginning leader is deleted & long sections of overexposed or underexposed film is removed (if requested). All this for a charge of only .15 cents per film foot, which is $7.50 per 3″ reel ( 50 feet of film.)  We can also provide custom editing for an additional charge of $65.00 per hour. Next, the digitized film will be transferred to a DVD (or for an extra fee, a Mini DV or Digital 8 master tape).

Our Prices: We charge only $.15/foot for 8mm and Super 8mm Transfer. Minimum order is 400 feet plus $20 for the DVD that can hold up to 1900 feet. You will receive your originals back along with your new DVD. The DVD comes in a Custom Album. Our price includes Free–basic editing & titling plus the DVD.

Options: Additional copies as low as $5 each. Include – Custom Editing $85/ hr., Film splicing $5 each splice. Background Music of various styles added from our library @ $15 per 30 minutes. Narration of your film @ $50 per production hour.

Helpful Information:

Approximate Viewing Time – Regular 8mm
3 inch reel 50 feet = 3 minutes 15 seconds
5 inch reel 200 feet = 13 minutes 15 seconds
6 inch reel 300 feet = 19 minutes 45 seconds
7 inch reel 400 feet = 26 minutes 02 seconds

Approximate Viewing Time – Super 8mm
3 inch reel 50 feet = 2 minutes 55 seconds
5 inch reel 200 feet = 11 minutes 40 seconds
6 inch reel 300 feet = 14 minutes 35 seconds
7 inch reel 400 feet = 23 minutes 20 seconds

We can transfer 1700 to 1900 feet of film onto one DVD depending on film type.

Why do business with Acclaimed Video?

  • Your precious films can be processed locally
  • Film is gently cleaned to remove excess dust before projecting
  • Synchronizing to take out flicker
  • Will treat your film as our own
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee assuring you will be satisfied!
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