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Website Video

Video on your website is powerful. Video greatly increases your return on investment for your website. Research shows that visitors to websites are at least 300% more likely to click on video than static image ads. Most of your customers will visit your website before they contact you. What is your website telling them about you?

“Fifty years of television have proven that people prefer watching information rather than reading it. And they retain more of the message when it is presented in a powerful, evocative way.” (Joe Klein Executive Vice President of CBS News, source:

Website video is the single most cost effective improvement you can make to your website. Streaming video on your website is the best way to demonstrate, educate, inform, inspire, motivate, and even entertain your customers. And it sure beats annoying banner ads and pop-ups. And creating video costs less than you might think. The time is right to upgrade your website with video.

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