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Why Use Video?

Video is preferred. “Fifty years of television have proven that people prefer watching information rather than reading it. And they retain more of the message when its presented in a powerful, evocative way.” (Joe Klein Executive Vice President of CBS News, source: www.

Video is more effective. Video provides greater retention of your message than just text and photos. It can show your products or services in use and how to maintain them.

Video commands attention. Sound and action grab and keep the viewer’s attention. Video allows you to add breadth, depth, motion, emotion, music, graphics and even humor to your message in ways you can’t with only photos and text. Your message can be presented in an emotional and factual way that will greatly influence buying decisions regarding your products or services.

Video is convenient and always available. Video can remain at work on your website while your office is closed. Companies are using video on their own private intranets as well as public Internet sites such as YouTube.

Video is versatile. One video can be used in multiple ways: on your website, on a flat screen in your lobby or sales room, in your training area, on sales calls, at seminars and tradeshows, or mailed out on DVDs.

Video is consistent. Video allows your information, sales presentation, training session, etc., to be presented in a standardized, consistent manner. Why leave such important things to chance?

Video is cost-effective. It costs less to post video on your website than to duplicate and mail DVDs and conduct sales calls. Video is more cost-effective than having to use live trainers and having your staff repeat basic information to new employees and potential customers. Online video is a cost-effective way to provide your staff, sales people, trainers, customers and dealers with important information that is always available.

Do you have a website? See how a website video can improve the interest in your website and increase your traffic.

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